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Aluminum and Wooden Boat Docks in Knoxville, TN

Smoky Mountain Docks installs durable and beautiful boat docks throughout Knoxville, TN and the surrounding communities. We believe in creating peaceful and functional places for our customers to store their boats, ensuring they have peace of mind when not fishing or exploring the lake. We are a locally-owned company with years of experience and know how to quickly and effectively construct docks. Whether you opt for an aluminum or wooden dock, you can count on unparalleled workmanship. Our metal docks are environmentally friendly and corrosion-proof, and our wooden docks are strong, beautiful, and economical. There’s no reason to wait; get a free quote today.

How to Choose Between an Aluminum and Wooden Dock

You can choose between a wooden or aluminum dock for your property. Both offer unique benefits, and each option will last for years. Neither requires constant maintenance on your part, and we can customize your dock in many cases. The benefits of each option include:

We Provide Endless Expertise on Each Job

We are experts in our field and always provide our expertise to our clients. That means we will assess your property and needs to determine what we think is the best fit for you. We might consider a wooden dock a better option, or an aluminum dock might suit your requirements better. No matter what we recommend, you can expect an accurate quote from our team and no surprises during installation. Ask all your questions and enjoy the open lake once we finish.

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