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Wooden Docks in Knoxville, TN

Smoky Mountain Docks has spent years creating beautiful, functional wooden docks for Knoxville, TN customers. We utilize a custom process that gives clients what they need and produces quality results. Our team loves working with wood when building docks, and we adore the finished product and the smiles our work brings to our clients. You deserve a dock or pier built to last – one that can serve as a backdrop to summers by the lake with your family. Everything is made in-house by dedicated craftsmen and installed by experienced workers. Count on our team today for proven results.

We Can Customize Every Facet of Your New Dock

We can transform your inspiration, aspirations, and input into actionable plans. Our team has years of experience working with clients to design, build, and install a functional and beautiful dock that lasts for years. We recommend thinking ahead of time about what you want from your dock. Some things to consider include:


While wood offers countless benefits, it will require some work on your park. You must paint and stain it once a year and pay attention to rotting or warped wood planks. We use the highest possible quality wood to reduce your maintenance.

Design and Shape

Shape matters. Think about what appeals to you. Many people opt for a stylish modern shape with outstanding aesthetic appeal while maintaining functionality. Because we have so much experience, we can accommodate your wishes.

Special Features

If you plan on adding custom lighting, seating, covers, platforms, or anything else, you will need our designers to leave room for these extras. They will enhance your property value, but you must plan for success.


Always work with high-grade materials. That's where we come in. Our team believes in producing timeless work that always begins with the best woods, brackets, and other materials. You can expect our professionals to get the job done.

Beautiful wooden dock

We Offer Repairs Any Time You Need Them

Strong, beautiful, and economical wooden docks are our specialty. We have built countless custom docks over the years, helping customers achieve the look and functionality they need from their lakeside homes. But our commitment to customer service extends beyond installing the final product; we provide repairs. Wood will rot and degrade in water, so we offer the service you need to keep your dock looking great year-round. That’s the Smoky Mountain Docks difference.

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