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Custom Jet Ski Ports in Knoxville, TN

Smoky Mountain Docks installs jet ski ports throughout Knoxville, TN and the surrounding communities. If you own jet skis, you want to ensure you protect your investment with a durable port, which will not only provide a place to congregate and enjoy the summer sun but also protect your equipment from inclement weather. We have years of experience in our field and only work with high-caliber manufacturers, ensuring you receive the best possible customer service from our team. We offer free quotes and always overdeliver on our promises, making us one of the top destinations for all your dock and port needs.

What to Think About When Building Your Port

We offer custom solutions. That means you can decide how you want your dock to look. You can account for kayaks, paddle boards, boats, and more. You can decide whether you want to incorporate a living space into the dock – benches and seating are a great choice! No matter your choice, you can trust our experts to execute your vision flawlessly. We encourage you to have the following ideas solidified for your free quote:

What Size and Shape Do I Want?

We offer U- and L-shaped docks and extended surface area options. Which one you choose depends on how you will use it. You might only have a jet ski. But perhaps you also own a boat, requiring a larger space and a different shape.

What Location Should I Choose?

The most crucial factor will be fluctuating water levels. But you should also evaluate your waterfront location's depth and the bottom composition. Occasionally, placing the dock further out and connecting a boat launch is the best choice.

How Can I Accessorize?

We pride ourselves on creating satisfying experiences for our customers. One way we do so is by providing more than enough customization options. Accessorizing your dock is fun because you can access your creativity and create a seamless experience.

jet ski port

High-Quality Ports for Residential and Commercial Clients

We offer jet ski ports for residential and commercial clients. No matter the size of the property or how complicated the situation is, our experts will assess your needs and provide an honest and accurate quote. From there, you can expect our team to work quickly and carefully to install your jet ski port exactly as you planned. We know how anxious you are to use it, so we prioritize your convenience and get the job done right the first time. You can trust us.

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